Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Plazenta Eater Free 4 Song Promo

So while still searching for a label we decided to release a free digital Promo to keep people interested. It contains the songs Ants In Your Peehole, Forced To Eat The Rotten Asshole Of A Roadkill Skunk, A Syphilic Staph Infection and Indie Sucks And You Suck Too. (Indie in this song meaning the indie/alternative/hipster music genre that´s a pretty big trend right now.)

All those songs will be featured on the full Album "I Hope You Get" once it´s released. We´ll keep you updated about that.

So if you want to get the free 4 song promo head over to our Myspace or to our Facebook and leave us a message with your E-mail and the promo will be sent your way ASAP.

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