Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Busy Weekend

Upcoming weekend is going to be two busy days for me. On Saturday I need to get up very early so I can go to a fleamarket here in Linz. I´m searching for retro games and systems for my flat and on ebay the prices are way too high for that stuff. So the local fleamarkets are the best spots to search for them. Only disadvantage: You have to get up very early.

After the Fleamarket I´m going to drive to the Snookerclub to play a small tournament with some buddys. That´s actually my first tournament in 2 or 3 years and I wouldn´t participate if the other participants wouldn´t be the dudes from the club. I got really fed up with all the those wannabe pros and arrogant pricks in the Austrian Snookerscene and by the time I stopped playing tournaments I really didn´n enjoy the game as much as I did before. But I´m really looking forward to that tournament.

On Sunday I plan to go to yet another Fleamarket. This time it´s the biggest on that there is in Linz and it´s every Sunday. It starts at 3am(!) so people have to be there extra early. I don´t know 100% if I go. It really depends if I can find good deals on Saturday, but I´ll see.

If you wanna check out a fleamarket yourself and never been to one I recommend you go online and check out at which time the fleamarkets start in your town. And believe me, being there early is key. Also check out a couple of the "Fleamarketmadness" Episodes by pat the nes punk. Very helpful information in those videos.

Fleamarket madness by Pat the NES-Punk

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