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Cinemassacre - AVGN, Monstermadness, Shitpickle and more

What´s up.

Let me introduce one of my favorite Websites of all time:

It´s the website of James Rolfe, the mastermind behind the Angry Video Game Nerd series which became popular on youtube about 7 Years ago. Since then there are over 100 Episodes avaialabe.

Nearly everybody knows the nerd and that´s for good reasons. First of all: the show is hilarious! James over the top humour and the smart scripts of the episodes provide hours and hours of entertainment and if you look past all the course words and jokes about feces James gives his honest opinion about the worst games of all kind. And - let´s be honest - everybody knows that feeling when you get a game read a couple of good reviews and you are all excited to play until you actually start the game. Everybody knows that feeling and that just makes it more enjoyable to watch somebody tearing such shitty games apart.

But James also has lots of other projects going on. The biggest one being the making of the AVGN - Movie which is going on right now. Impressive fact: the whole movie is funded by fan-donations and alltogether people donated over 200.000$! That´s impressive and it shows what a huge and supportive fanbase James Rolfe has.

Other very cool shows are for example "You know what´s bullshit" and "Cinemassacre´s Monstermadness". "You know what´s bullshit" are very short clips of James talking about things that are bullshit. Also hilarious because (similar concept to the AVGN show) everybody can relate to the stuff he talks about and while watching you think:"Yeah, he is right. That stuff is bullshit!" and combine that with James´ typical humour and you have a highly entertaining show.

"Monstermadness" is James´ Helloween special feature. Every single day of october he releases a short review about a horrorfilm. I love those reviews because James´ is a huge horrorfilmfan and he focusses on the really important parts of the movie that you really wanna hear about. Very interesting stuff.

On Cinemassacre you can also find shortfilms, nonhorror moviereviews, a blog, a merchstore and much more. So head over to Cinemassacre and check out what they have to offer. You´ll enjoy!

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