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Brutal Death #1 - Peshmerga

The first Album I´m going to review is Peshmerga´s debut full-lenght CD Murderous Acts Of Cruelty which came out November 3rd 2010 via Sevared Records. Considering the releasedate of this CD you might think "Hmm that can´t really be a classic disc of the genre". That maybe true, but in my opinion it´s the perfect CD if you want to get into Brutaldeathmetal, due to several reasons:

The Production on the album is very clear without sounding overproduced. You can hear every instrument clearly but it still sounds dirty and "into-your-face", if that can be a legit description. What I probably like about the production the most is that the drums don´t sound like a computer and that you can actually hear the bass!

The album features only 7 songs and it has a total runtime of  30:45 minutes. That may seem short at first but it works perfectly here, because every song stands on it´s own. They all feature fast blastbeat parts with technical guitar playing (not "Necrophagist-technical" with lots of sweeps etc but more like oldschool bands like Cannibal Corpse or early Suffocation stuff.). What´s also very cool about this CD is that the musicians let you hear from which bands they were influenced by on a couple of songs. For example the first song Hordes of Assassins has this part where the bass becomes the lead instrument for a short time which became a trademark of the Band Death in the early nineties.

So this disc is a prime example of Brutaldeahmetal done right. It finds a nice balance between technical parts and groove and the arrangement of the music is executed very well. Unfortunetly there are only 7 songs on the disc but we all know the saying: quality over quantity.

You can get the CD here: Order via Sevared
Link to the Band´s Facebook-page: Peshmerga Facebook
Link to the Band´s Myspace-page: Peshmerga Myspace

I hope you enjoyed my first review and part 1 of my Introduction to Brutaldeathmetal. If you have questions, comments, complaints, etc leave some comments. Until next time,

Stay sick!

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