Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Suffocation - Mike Smith Quits...?

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New York death metal veterans SUFFOCATION have reportedly parted ways with drummer Mike Smith.

Although Smith's exit from the group has not yet been officially confirmed by SUFFOCATION, the band played a couple of East Coast shows this past weekend with former member Dave Culross (MALEVOLENT CREATION, HATEPLOW) once again sitting behind the kit.

Fan-filmed video footage of SUFFOCATION's February 18 performance at Jimmy's Place in Allentown, Pennsylvania (featuring Culross on drums) can be seen below.

In a cryptic posting on his official Facebook page, Smith wrote earlier tonight, "There are not many things related to the SUFFOCATION brand I can honestly say brings me sadness. Except the lack of pride that exists within those who have the 'right' to claim the name as their own.

"This battle has been one that to any focused being should make obvious sense, but has evaded some for two decades.

"Within any foundation, the weakest link will always cause all structure to crumble.

"The one fact that keeps me at peace is the fact that anyone who has ever seen or spoken to me regarding SUFFOCATION and the industry as a whole has always left with an understanding of the level of focus and pride that I personally hold for myself, the brand that is SUFFOCATION and the genre we influence and helped create.

"As I've always said, if you are willing to put your time and soul towards anything, be willing to speak truths, fight and bleed for it, if need be."

SUFFOCATION is currently hard at work on material for the band's new album, tentatively due this summer via Nuclear Blast Records.

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That sucks, because I´m a huge fan of Mike Smith´s drumming. I mean Culross is an amazing drummer too, no doubt about that, but it´s always sad when you see an original member off a band quit.

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Plazenta Eater Free 4 Song Promo

So while still searching for a label we decided to release a free digital Promo to keep people interested. It contains the songs Ants In Your Peehole, Forced To Eat The Rotten Asshole Of A Roadkill Skunk, A Syphilic Staph Infection and Indie Sucks And You Suck Too. (Indie in this song meaning the indie/alternative/hipster music genre that´s a pretty big trend right now.)

All those songs will be featured on the full Album "I Hope You Get" once it´s released. We´ll keep you updated about that.

So if you want to get the free 4 song promo head over to our Myspace or to our Facebook and leave us a message with your E-mail and the promo will be sent your way ASAP.

Busy Weekend

Upcoming weekend is going to be two busy days for me. On Saturday I need to get up very early so I can go to a fleamarket here in Linz. I´m searching for retro games and systems for my flat and on ebay the prices are way too high for that stuff. So the local fleamarkets are the best spots to search for them. Only disadvantage: You have to get up very early.

After the Fleamarket I´m going to drive to the Snookerclub to play a small tournament with some buddys. That´s actually my first tournament in 2 or 3 years and I wouldn´t participate if the other participants wouldn´t be the dudes from the club. I got really fed up with all the those wannabe pros and arrogant pricks in the Austrian Snookerscene and by the time I stopped playing tournaments I really didn´n enjoy the game as much as I did before. But I´m really looking forward to that tournament.

On Sunday I plan to go to yet another Fleamarket. This time it´s the biggest on that there is in Linz and it´s every Sunday. It starts at 3am(!) so people have to be there extra early. I don´t know 100% if I go. It really depends if I can find good deals on Saturday, but I´ll see.

If you wanna check out a fleamarket yourself and never been to one I recommend you go online and check out at which time the fleamarkets start in your town. And believe me, being there early is key. Also check out a couple of the "Fleamarketmadness" Episodes by pat the nes punk. Very helpful information in those videos.

Fleamarket madness by Pat the NES-Punk

What´s it like...

to be a politician in Austria. Couldn´t be more true, but it´s the same in every country anyway. Damn I should become a politician.

Cinemassacre - AVGN, Monstermadness, Shitpickle and more

What´s up.

Let me introduce one of my favorite Websites of all time:

It´s the website of James Rolfe, the mastermind behind the Angry Video Game Nerd series which became popular on youtube about 7 Years ago. Since then there are over 100 Episodes avaialabe.

Nearly everybody knows the nerd and that´s for good reasons. First of all: the show is hilarious! James over the top humour and the smart scripts of the episodes provide hours and hours of entertainment and if you look past all the course words and jokes about feces James gives his honest opinion about the worst games of all kind. And - let´s be honest - everybody knows that feeling when you get a game read a couple of good reviews and you are all excited to play until you actually start the game. Everybody knows that feeling and that just makes it more enjoyable to watch somebody tearing such shitty games apart.

But James also has lots of other projects going on. The biggest one being the making of the AVGN - Movie which is going on right now. Impressive fact: the whole movie is funded by fan-donations and alltogether people donated over 200.000$! That´s impressive and it shows what a huge and supportive fanbase James Rolfe has.

Other very cool shows are for example "You know what´s bullshit" and "Cinemassacre´s Monstermadness". "You know what´s bullshit" are very short clips of James talking about things that are bullshit. Also hilarious because (similar concept to the AVGN show) everybody can relate to the stuff he talks about and while watching you think:"Yeah, he is right. That stuff is bullshit!" and combine that with James´ typical humour and you have a highly entertaining show.

"Monstermadness" is James´ Helloween special feature. Every single day of october he releases a short review about a horrorfilm. I love those reviews because James´ is a huge horrorfilmfan and he focusses on the really important parts of the movie that you really wanna hear about. Very interesting stuff.

On Cinemassacre you can also find shortfilms, nonhorror moviereviews, a blog, a merchstore and much more. So head over to Cinemassacre and check out what they have to offer. You´ll enjoy!

Introducing: Plazenta Eater (My Band)

Waht´s up world.

In this post I want to introduce my own Band:

Plazenta Eater – We are a Goregrind/Deathmetal Band from Linz/Austria, formed to the nower shape in early 2011. The Band now consists of Roli (Drums, Studio Bass), Manuel (Guitars) and a session vocalist. we are currently looking for a label who wants to release our first album.

We have recorded 13 original tracks and a cover of the song "Fisted On The Dancefloor" by the German porn masters Gut! Everything including the booklet paintjob was done DIY by the bandmembers.

Facebook: Plazenta Eater Official Facebook

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Upcoming Concert - Full of Hate European Tour

Finally another Cannibal Corpse European Headliner Tour coming up. Really looking forward to this gig for several reasons: First of all because of Cannibal Corpse because they are my favourite band of all time and probably the best live-band I have ever seen.

Second of all: Behemoth and Misery Index being two amazing bands as well and I´m really stoked to see Nergal perform again.
The other bands are awesome aswell Legion of the Damned and Suicidal Angels being two of the sickest Thrashbands around right now.

Thats probably going to be my first concert review including (if possible) setlists, pictures and videos.

Creativity in Austrian Politics

Check this picture out! It shows an ad of an Austrian political party called FPÖ. As you can see somebody changed it a bit: The politican on the ad (the "prisoner guy") is called HC Strache and he is one of the right-wing politican nobody likes (including me). The slogan on this ad originally said Endlich Sicherheit, which means finally safety but now it says Endlich in Sicherheit, which means something like finally I´m safe.

HC Strache already has a really fucked up reputation in Austria due to rascist Statements and Slogans he has been using and is still using and recent events didn´t help that at all. A couple of days ago he said in a speach that al the protests against his party are like the "Reichskristallnacht". That´s just fucked up..

So, fuck that guy!

Brutal Death #1 - Peshmerga

The first Album I´m going to review is Peshmerga´s debut full-lenght CD Murderous Acts Of Cruelty which came out November 3rd 2010 via Sevared Records. Considering the releasedate of this CD you might think "Hmm that can´t really be a classic disc of the genre". That maybe true, but in my opinion it´s the perfect CD if you want to get into Brutaldeathmetal, due to several reasons:

The Production on the album is very clear without sounding overproduced. You can hear every instrument clearly but it still sounds dirty and "into-your-face", if that can be a legit description. What I probably like about the production the most is that the drums don´t sound like a computer and that you can actually hear the bass!

The album features only 7 songs and it has a total runtime of  30:45 minutes. That may seem short at first but it works perfectly here, because every song stands on it´s own. They all feature fast blastbeat parts with technical guitar playing (not "Necrophagist-technical" with lots of sweeps etc but more like oldschool bands like Cannibal Corpse or early Suffocation stuff.). What´s also very cool about this CD is that the musicians let you hear from which bands they were influenced by on a couple of songs. For example the first song Hordes of Assassins has this part where the bass becomes the lead instrument for a short time which became a trademark of the Band Death in the early nineties.

So this disc is a prime example of Brutaldeahmetal done right. It finds a nice balance between technical parts and groove and the arrangement of the music is executed very well. Unfortunetly there are only 7 songs on the disc but we all know the saying: quality over quantity.

You can get the CD here: Order via Sevared
Link to the Band´s Facebook-page: Peshmerga Facebook
Link to the Band´s Myspace-page: Peshmerga Myspace

I hope you enjoyed my first review and part 1 of my Introduction to Brutaldeathmetal. If you have questions, comments, complaints, etc leave some comments. Until next time,

Stay sick!


Welcome to my blog!

What my blog is basically going to focus on is just talking about/reviewing Music, Concerts, Movies, Videogames, Youtubechannels and other stuff to my interested and of course regular blogposts about various things that are going on in the world right now. 

What I have planned right now to get started on doing is an introduction to one of my favourite genres of Music, namely Brutaldeathmetal. And what better way to start an introduction to a genre than reviewing a couple of classic Albums of the genre.

I understand that this is not for everyone so at the sametime I wanna take a look at some of my favourite Youtube-channels and the ideas/people behind them. I´m sure there are channels people don´t know but will be going to like a lot.

Stay tuned!